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Since 2000, the Southern New England Weather Conference has provided a place for weather enthusiasts and professionals to gather and share their knowledge and expertise regarding topics such as winter weather forecasting, severe weather, hurricanes, advances in the science of meteorology, and emergency preparedness, as well as numerous other topics.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional or have just a casual interest in weather, the Southern New England Weather Conference is sure to offer topics of interest to you!


We're going to keep things on the safe side again this year to discuss our passion for weather, so we will "meet" virtually once again.  That being said, we are excited to announce that a virtual "mini conference" will be held on Saturday, November 13th between 10AM and 12:30PM - so mark your calendar!  We are planning on having tfive talks at this time.

10AM - 11 AM:  Dr. Louis Uccellini will be speaking on 1) Northeast winter storms (since he literally wrote the book) and 2) Weather Ready Nation
11 AM - 1120:  Dave Vallee on the 30th anniversary of Hurricane Bob
1120-1140:  NHC's Dan Brown on Northeast hurricane info; interpretation of the cone; etc.
1140-Noon:  NWS BOX Showcase of our new virtual world. - public science webinars, virtual Skywarn training, Monday morning virtual EM briefings, etc.
Noon - 12:20: Winter Outlook (details still TBD)

After 12:30, for students that want to stay on, there will be a panel dicussion with meteorology professionals in various fields (public, private, academic) on careers and career paths for students interested in weather.

In light of the current climate and many unknowns regarding COVID-19, the Southern New England Weather Conference committee made the difficult decision to postpone our annual conference. The health and safety for our presenters/attendees is our top priority.  The next Southern New England Weather Conference will be held in the Fall of 2022.  We understand the disappointment this might have caused and, believe us, we are equally disappointed as well

The Southern New England Weather Conference is a non-profit venture that is sponsored by the National Weather Service Taunton MA, the Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center, the University of Massachusetts-Lowell Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and the Lyndon State College Chapter of the American Meteorological Society/National Weather Association.